The preschool curriculum is made up of the following areas:

-Practical Life: children develop concentration, fine motor skills and the basics of caring for their environment

practical life

-Sensorial: the senses are refined with Montessori specific materials such as the red rods, brown stair, and the pink tower

-Language: in a Montessori classroom, children learn the phonetic sounds of the letters before they can learn the alphabetical names in a sequence. The phonetic sounds are given first because these are the sounds they hear in words that they need to be able to read. The children first become aware of these phonetic sounds when the teacher introduces the consonants with the Sandpaper Letters.


advanced language and advanced math

-Math: Children are familiarized with counting, number recognition, and the four basic arithmitic operations


-Geography: Children are introduced to people and cultures of the world through picture cards, flag work and puzzles.

geography and science